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The Right Bikini Top for Your Body Type

Selecting the right bikini top for your body type is the easiest way to love the how you look on the beach this summer.  It can be challenging to marry up our ideas of what we like and what looks good on us.  There is nothing worse than falling in love with a bikini top online or on the rack, and then hating it as soon as you see it on.  Loving it on the rack is only half the battle.  If it is not the right cut for your body type, it won’t matter if it is your favorite color; you won’t like what you see in the mirror.

Larger on Top

Bikini Top for Your Body Type

If you are larger on top, selecting the right bikini for your body type can be challenging for a couple different reason.  Coverage and support are the two areas where a lot of bikini tops fail.  It is important to have enough coverage to feel comfortable, but take care not to look too top heavy with fuller cuts.  Underwire bikini tops, which are great for support, are also becoming very popular.  Accentuating your neckline will help lengthen it and balance out your appearance, too.  suggestion: Try a dark, solid colored sweetheart top with a brightly colored or printed bottom.

Smaller on Top

Bikini Top for Your Body Type

If you are small to average on top, you finding the right bikini top for your body type is a little bit easier.  Butterfly tops are a nice alternative to the classic triangle cut tops.  Some butterfly tops can be tied two different ways to give you a little flexibility.  Tie the strings around the neck and back for a regular look, or tie both strings around the back for a strapless look.  It’s like getting two tops in one.  Other tops to try are strapless bandeaus, triangle cut and sporty racer back bikini tops.  Suggestion: Mix and match playful prints and colors to create an attention grabbing bikini. 

California Beaches

One of the first things that comes to mind when you find the perfect bikini is, “Where can I wear it?”  California beaches are the answer to the question even if you find yourself asking it in December.  The West Coast is home to some of the country’s most amazing beaches, so why not wear that sexy new boyshort bikini to somewhere beautiful right here in your own back yard.  Everyone knows that Hawaii is home to some of the most amazing beaches this country has to offer, but you don’t have to stray from the mainland to find some of the best relaxation spots around.  Let’s take a look at a couple California favorites that are sure to satisfy anyone looking for a sunny, good time.

Newport Beach, California

Amazing Beaches

A lot of California beaches give you a mix of sun, sand, surf, relaxation and activity.  That’s right, they usually have it all.  Newport Beach located in Orange County is a great example of a one size fits all kind of beach.  The huge harbor offers its own share of things to do from sunset cruises to all day surfing.  You can spend your days soaking up the sun immersed in the happening beach scene, or you can stroll the harbor’s promenade and browse shops or grab a bite of lunch, or both.  There is always some kind of live music, festival, sporting events and wine tastings to keep you busy during your visit just in case you get tired of the beach scene.  Be sure you wear your very best swimsuit, too, because this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in California in more ways than one.

Santa Monica State Beach, California

California Beaches

Santa Monica is another of the California beaches that has a little bit of something for everyone.  Of course, the most well known of all its features is the Santa Monica pier.  The pier has am amusement park with hours of entertainment for the entire family.  With all kinds of rides and games, there is no way the kids will get bored here, and neither will the adults!  Head on down to Muscle Beach if you think you have what it takes to work out with some of the hottest beach bodies out there.

California beaches with a little bit of something for everyone are the best vacation destinations.  You won’t have to worry about car travel or fighting with traffic.  You can hit one beach and stay entertained the entire day!